Clean home. Clear mind. Happy life.

Make room to breathe. 

Stop feeling anxious when you walk into your home, the office or even a closet! Life is busy and our days are full, but your space is supposed to be your safe landing. Your oasis. Are you ready to feel more in control of your space with the help of Tannis McLaren Professional Organizing?

Working with an organizer.

Whether you need help going through a loved one’s belongings, dropping off donations, removing recycling, hiring a cleaner or a handyman, Tannis McLaren Professional Organizing is able to take care of it all. Going through a home sort can bring up an ocean of emotions and that’s why I’m here to help clear out the clutter.

Enjoy the Benefits

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Tannis McLaren Professional Home Organizer in Vancouver Island

Creating magic in your home.

I’m Tannis McLaren and I know that sometimes going through stuff is not easy. But, it’s like running a marathon, when you reach the end, you feel like a million bucks! 

I’m a professional organizer who loves helping people find beauty in a clean, well-organized home. I’ll help you streamline your home so that you can feel excited when you step into any room of your house. Get to know me more and let’s work together to create a space that leaves you feeling less scattered and more in control!

Get to know me.

I had no idea I was storing so many memories that were essentially weighing me, and our household down. Tannis moves with amazing efficiency but ensures the decisions are in your hands- in terms of what you are ‘letting go of’. In working with her I feel empowered with a new skill set to continue keeping on top of organization in our home. Ultimately the experience of working with Tannis to organize proved to be more than that. Energy was cleared in our home and also in my head and heart.

We have more delight in our space from which to see our life more clearly. Tannis is most definitely gifted in the art of organization and her passion and knowledge on how it will improve your life is contagious.

– J.L