Helping you to get organized and focus on what matters most!

Do you get anxious walking into your home, a room or a closet?

Do you have paper piling up, a garage that has become a dumping ground for everything or kids’ rooms that need to be purged of their overgrown clothes and toys?

Do you need to clear an estate or downsize for a loved one?

Do you find yourself wanting to spend more time with your family and less time chasing your tail and wasting time?

Life gets busy and our days are full, but your life can be organized.

Professional Organizer, Tannis McLaren, would love to help you! Tannis understands that having someone in your home go through your belongings can be a huge decision. Her goal is to help you get organized so you can focus on what matters most!

Enjoy the Benefits

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Tannis McLaren

Allowing someone to enter your home and reorganize everything you’ve become accustomed to can be frightening. Before you begin a working relationship with anyone, it’s best to get to know them a little bit. Take a peek at Tannis’ bio to see why she is the perfect person to help with your home organization.

more about Tannis

I had no idea I was storing so many memories that were essentially weighing me, and our household down. Tannis moves with amazing efficiency but ensures the decisions are in your hands- in terms of what you are ‘letting go of’. In working with her I feel empowered with a new skill set to continue keeping on top of organization in our home. Ultimately the experience of working with Tannis to organize proved to be more than that. Energy was cleared in our home and also in my head and heart.

We have more delight in our space from which to see our life more clearly. Tannis is most definitely gifted in the art of organization and her passion and knowledge on how it will improve your life is contagious.

– J.L