Ready to get back control of your home?

Meet Tannis McLaren

Hi! I’m Tannis McLaren and I LOVE to organize!

I love piles of paper, closets that are busting at the seams, garages that are piled to the ceiling and entire houses that need to be cleared or downsized. Organizing comes naturally to me and I love sharing my skills to help people through the transitions in their lives.

I’m ambitious, energetic and I thrive in stressful situations. I love jumping in to create solutions and systems that eliminate stress and help your days run more smoothly so you have the freedom to spend your life doing the things you love most!

I’m a working mom with two young children, a husband, two aging dogs and aging parents. We have a busy household and I know that when our house is more organized, our lives are more balanced; it’s less stressful and chaotic. I love helping create this same peace of mind, ease and relaxation for my clients.

I had a disaster of a playroom that had become layers on top of layers of “stuff”. It was completely non-functional, it looked awful and every time I looked at it, I felt I was in chaos.

Tannis was fabulous! She came in without judgement. She was fast, efficient, helped me stay on task and helped me to figure out what was important to keep and what I needed to release from my home. Within 4 hours we went through every nook and cranny and Tannis reorganized it into a lovely, functional space that my kids enjoy and have been able to keep tidy with only a little guidance.

Now, I no longer feel the stress from the disorganization. I feel at peace and able to have fun in the playroom with my girls.

Thank you Tannis!

– C.S