Professional Headshot of Tannis McLaren Professional Home Organizer in Vancouver Island

Your life and home don’t have to be cluttered, busy and anxiety-inducing. Holding on to stuff can cause stress in your life that you simply don’t need or know you have.  I help create calming, intentional and thoughtful spaces so you can feel better about yourself and your home.

Meet Tannis McLaren 

I am someone who loves to organize. Many people ask what got me started into this profession and it’s simply because I love it! I am someone who will see a space that is too cluttered, and I’ll sit, think and dream about making that space become its’ intended use. 

I’m a professional organizer on Vancouver island, a working mom with two young children, a husband, a wonderful senior dog and ageing parents. We have a busy household and I know that when our house is more organized, our lives are more balanced. It’s less stressful and chaotic. Helping create this same peace of mind, ease and relaxation for my clients is something I love. When I’m not working, you’ll find me running (I completed the Boston marathon in 2008), spending time at the rink and baseball fields, volunteering and spending time in my garden.

Experience that brought me here:

  • Naturopathic Doctor – 4 years of Kinesiology at UofR and 4 years at CCNM
  • Member of the Professional Organizers of Canada
  • Staging Diva Graduate
  • Level 2 Reiki 


My Naturopathic career.

For 12 years, I practiced as a Naturopathic Doctor. When I was practicing, I would bring the same love of organization into my office. I took all of the confusing medical terms and doctor talk and organized it for clients to understand. 

My work as a Naturopathic Doctor and my level 2 Reiki allows me to use my energy skills to sense a client’s energy and help make them feel comfortable. I am patient and have compassion. I know it takes a lot out of someone going through their belongings or loved ones. My main priority is for clients to be comfortable having me in their space while we streamline everything. 


Messy doesn’t scare me!

I love sharing my skills and knowledge to help people through different transitions in their lives. I love piles of papers, closets that aren’t able to shut, drawers that have no rhyme or reason. I thrive when I walk into a garage and there are boxes piled up to the ceiling. The spaces that you may be embarrassed by, bring me the biggest amount of joy because I know change is coming! 

When you work with me, you let me know what you want organized and revamped and before your eyes, it will be done. Like magic! 


Bringing my natural knowledge inside.

Not only do I streamline homes, but I also help homeowners create a more natural, clean and toxic-free home. I’m excited to help families create a more well balanced and harmonious life by getting rid of all the unnecessary toxins that we’re taught we need. 

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I had a disaster of a playroom that had become layers on top of layers of “stuff”. It was completely non-functional, it looked awful and every time I looked at it, I felt I was in chaos.

Tannis was fabulous! She came in without judgement. She was fast, efficient, helped me stay on task and helped me to figure out what was important to keep and what I needed to release from my home. Within 4 hours we went through every nook and cranny and Tannis reorganized it into a lovely, functional space that my kids enjoy and have been able to keep tidy with only a little guidance.

Now, I no longer feel the stress from the disorganization. I feel at peace and able to have fun in the playroom with my girls.

Thank you Tannis!

– C.S